GWPNA has been active in the West Portal area since it was founded in 1974, and has had a long history of philanthropic activities that have supported and improved the quality of life in West Portal. GWPNA registered as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation with the State of California in 1975 (Tax ID# 51-0169982), and is continuing its community building work to this day.

GWPNA meets the first Wednesdays, September through June. Meetings are held at the West Portal Playground Clubhouse, and hosts guest speakers who discuss topics of interest to the neighborhood. Speakers include City Government Officials, Department Heads, Supervisors, Police and Fire Captains, Authors, Representatives from other local Neighborhood groups and experts on topics of interest to West Portal Residents. Some of the active committees working to make improvements are, Crime and Public Safety (CAPS), Economic Development, Friends of West Portal Playground, and Traffic and Pedestrian Safety (TAPS). These volunteer groups work with city officials, area representatives, police and residents towards achieving standards.

2017-2018 GWPNA Officers

President,  Thomas J. Kanaley
Vice President,  Robert Pressley
Treasurer,  Libby Noronha
Secretary,  Sarita Gardner

Committee Chairs

 Crime and Public Safety Andrew Segal
 Economic Development 
 Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Mike Nerney
 Robert Pressley
 Land Use and Zoning Arthur Perkins
 Membership Libby Noronha
 Friends of WP Playground Jessica Forys

Affiliated Groups Liaisons

 West of Twin Peaks Council Matt Chamberlain
 Lee Hsu
 Libby Noronha
 CJAC Coalition for Justice and Crime Andrew Segal
 Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods Rae June Doyle
 West Portal Avenue Merchants Association Robert Pressley
 Karen Tarantola

Steering Committee

  • Sheila Bost
  • Ted Bowie
  • Matt Chamberlain
  • June Rae Doyle
  • Bruce Engle
  • Sarita Gardner
  • Marina Hardeman
  • Lee Hsu
  • Thomas Kanaley
  • Theodora Manty
  • Fred Martin
  • Cecile Michael
  • Emmett Miller
  • Ted Bowie
  • Mike Nerney
  • Libby Noronha
  • Robert Pressley
  • Andrew Segal

Contact GWPNA

P.O. Box 27116
San Francisco, CA 94127

Website Postings

To share information of particular value and interest to the Greater West Portal community on our website, please email