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    GWPNA has been active in the neighborhood since 1974, and has helped make West Portal a
    better place to live in hundreds of ways. We've highlighted a few GWPNA accomplishments here.
    If you join, you too, can be involved in GWPNA and neighborhood issues.
    • Co-Sponsored the 2012 District 7 Supervisor Candidates forum with the West of Twin Peaks Central Council
    • Co-Sponsored the 2011 Mayoral Candidates forum with the West of Twin Peaks Central Council.
    • Purchased a pull-down projection screen for the West Portal Playground Clubhouse
    • GWPNA Has been actively involved in neighborhood zoning issues along West Portal Avenue
    • Has a close association with the West Portal Merchants Association and strives to support it in an effort to maintain an attractive and interesting shopping district
    • Worked with San Francisco Recreation & Park Department to build the clubhouse and to renovate the West Portal Playground
    • Helped fund the start-up costs associated with creating a Neighborhood Commercial District (NCD) in West Portal to ensure a lively commercial district
    • Contracted and funded a pedestrian safety study for the neighborhood
    • Raised money to help rebuild the West Portal Library
    • Helped  develop special requirements for housing construction on Edgehill Mountain for safety reasons
    • Raised money for establishment of open space on Edgehill Mountain
    • Kept Blockbuster from opening a store on West Portal,  in order to protect the locally owned businesses from encroachment by large, nationwide chain stores
    • Participated in the Lake Merced Task Force, an organization whose work increased the water level and improved the water quality at Lake Merced