GWPNA has been active in the neighborhood since 1974, and has helped to make West Portal a better place to live in hundreds of ways. We’ve highlighted a few GWPNA accomplishments here. If you join, you too can be involved in GWPNA and neighborhood issues.

  • Secured over $700,000 in funding in 2014-2015 for much-need renovations to West Portal Playground.
  • Obtained grant from Invest In Neighborhoods for beautifying awnings and signs on West Portal Ave.
  • Co-Sponsored 2012 D7 Supervisor Candidates forum with West of Twin Peaks Central Council.
  • Co-Sponsored the 2011 Mayoral Candidates forum with the West of Twin Peaks Central Council.
  • Purchased and donated pull-down projection screen for the West Portal Playground Clubhouse.
  • Actively involved in neighborhood zoning issues along West Portal Avenue.
  • Ongoing work with merchants of West Portal Association to support thriving commercial district.
  • Worked with SF Rec & Park to build the clubhouse and to renovate the West Portal Playground.
  • Contracted and funded pedestrian safety study.
  • Raised money to help rebuild the West Portal Library
  • Helped develop special requirements for housing construction on Edgehill Mountain for safety reasons
  • Raised money for open space on Edgehill Mountain
  • Participated in the Lake Merced Task Force, an organization whose work increased the water level and improved the water quality at Lake Merced

GWPNA Provides Expertise

GWPNA supports, educates and helps fellow neighbors in any way it can. If you have concerns about something happening (or not happening) in the neighborhood, and aren’t sure where to turn – turn to GWPNA. Some of our members have lived in the neighborhood their whole lives, and have experience in working with City Departments and Officials, and are more than willing to share that expertise.

Neighborhood Announcements

For years, GWPNA has published a quarterly newsletter, The Fogcutter distributed to members and neighbors as a printed publication. In 2011 the GWPNA Steering Committee approved changing it from a paper format to an on-line format (this site). This has reduced annual printing and mailing costs and at the same time, increased the speed of publishing. If you have something of public interest to post for West Portal please email it to We can now get important news out to the neighborhood faster.