Officers and Committees

2021-2022 Officers,

Affiliated Group Liaisons

Committee Chairs

  • Transportation and Safety: Ken Spielman
  • Membership: Libby Noronha
  • Planning and Land Use: Howard Strassner & Peggy da Silva

Past Presidents [In Progress]

2022-2023Karen Tarantola
2021-2022Matt Chamberlain (elected December 2021)
2021-2022Karen Tarantola (VP and Acting President)
2020-2021Thomas Kanaley
2019-2020Thomas Kanaley
2018-2019Thomas Kanaley
2017-2018Thomas Kanaley
2016-2017Thomas Kanaley
2015-2016Thomas Kanaley
2014-2015Lee Hsu
2013-2014Lee Hsu
2012-2013Avrum Shepard
2011-2012Matt Chamberlain
2010-2011Avrum Shepard