Community Grants

The Greater West Portal Neighborhood Association wants to help you, help us improve the neighborhood. Do you have a great idea? Are you looking for help in turning that idea into reality? That’s what our Community Grant program is all about. It’s a great source of supplemental funding for those projects that meet the grant criteria below. 

To be eligible for a GWPNA neighborhood grant, projects must:

  • Benefit the community and be within GWPNA’s geographic boundaries delineated at
  • The applicant group might or might not be organized specifically for the project, but it should be a “formal” group with strong support of residents who will be affected by the project.
  • The applicant group must first raise funds to qualify for a GWPNA matching grant.  (Please see the GWPNA formula below.)
  • A group may submit no more than one grant application each calendar year.
  • The applicant must complete and submit a grant application to the GWPNA Finance Committee, which will respond within 42 days (6 weeks), (September through June).
  • After the Steering Committee approves the funding of a project, the Finance Committee determines the procedure for grant payments to the recipient.  Either receipts will be submitted to GWPNA for reimbursement or full or partial funding may be provided in advance.
  • GWPNA matching grant formula:
    • To show existing community support for the project, GWPNA expects you to demonstrate financial support from other groups or individuals.  Our guidance is that for every dollar GWPNA contributes, you should be able to show between one (1) and three (3) dollars contributed from other sources.
    • GWPNA’s policy is to fund projects which have a minimum scope of $1,000 total cost.
Scope of ProjectGrant ApplicantGWPNA ContributionRatio
$3,000 (up to)$2,000 (up to)$1,000 (up to)2:1
$5,000 (up to)$3,000 (up to)$2,000 (up to)1.5:1
$7,000 (up to)$3,500 (up to)$3,500 (up to)1:1

Apply for a GWPNA Community Grant

Past Projects that GWPNA has helped fund through the Community Grant program

  • Helped fund the District 7 Supervisor Candidates Forum held at Aptos Middle School (2012)
  • Paid for the Halloween Wawona Street closure permits and lighted safety barriers (2012-2019)
  • Helped fund the Mayoral Candidates Forum Debate (2011)
  • Purchased rolling costume racks for West Portal Elementary School’s theater group (2011)
  • Purchased a pull down projection screen for the West Portal Clubhouse last year (2011)