Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2024, West Portal Neighborhood

As we kick off 2024, we remain dedicated to our mission of delivering educational and charitable programs to benefit the West Portal area of San Francisco. That means sharing news with you on things that are happening in (or could affect) our neighborhood, being a place where you can share your thoughts and opinions on how to make West Portal a better place to live, work and shop – and coordinating volunteer activities that provide a way to meet your neighbors and get involved.

We’re working on guest speakers to help inform us on upcoming election ballot measures (the March 5th Election is closer than you think). If you have suggestions for other speakers, or you’ve noticed something in the neighborhood that needs our attention, please let our President Karen Tarantola know. She’s easy to reach at president@gwpna.org, or you can contact all of our officers at once at gwpna-officers@googlegroups.com.

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