Help shape the Muni Metro system of the future.

West Portal is a transit centered neighborhood built around the K, L & M light rail lines that connect downtown with the west side via the underground Muni tunnel constructed in the early 1900’s. And as we’ve all learned during the last few years of significant construction on those rail lines – West Portal is highly dependent and impacted by changes with Muni. Would you be willing to represent your neighborhood to the SF MTA’s Muni Metro Community Working Group? The details are below.

Are you a regular Muni Metro rider? Are you involved in your community and live or work along Muni Metro corridors?

The SFMTA is seeking people like you to serve as representatives on the Muni Metro Community Working Group to help modernize Muni Metro to meet the future needs of San Francisco.

Your participation will help shape the Muni Metro Capacity Study to achieve a faster, more reliable and higher capacity Muni Metro.

SFMTA staff will work with Community Working Group members to discuss and consider the strategies and tradeoffs presented in the Study, and how best to balance these to achieve Muni Metro Modernization goals. The Community Working Group will provide input and community knowledge to SFMTA staff and help staff understand trade-offs and community priorities during the Muni Metro Capacity Study to shape Muni Metro Modernization strategies.

The Muni Metro Capacity Study will identify how much more rail capacity we need, in what timeframe and where, to develop a comprehensive long-term strategy for expanding Muni Metro over the coming decades.

The Community Working Group will meet approximately five times throughout 2023 and 2024.

Please visit the program webpage ( to learn more about the project, the Community Working Group and how to apply, and to sign up for updates.

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