Crime Summit Summary

By Andrew Segal

Tuesday’s Crime Summit, organized by Supervisor Norman Yee’s Office, included Lt. Ed DelCarlo from SFPD Taraval Station, Marc Massarweh from the SF DA’s office, and Irina Chatsova, SFSAFE Program Director and Furlishous Wyatt, SFSAFE Security Services Manager. Key takeaways:

Taraval Station Crime Statistics
Chart for 2015
  1. Lt. DelCarlo noted that there has been a 47% increase in reported vehicle burglaries year-to-date compared with last year. Since SFPD staffing and resources are in part determined by reported crime data, the increase is important and people should ALWAYS file a crime report (they can be done online – He further urged people not to leave valuables in their cars and make sure their garage doors are closed and porch lights on during the night.
  2. Marc Massarweh explained some of the difficulties in prosecuting auto burglaries in particular. In the Q&A, he generally confirmed that the DA’s office is pursuing a strategy of “bundling” multiple citations before prosecuting cases given the difficulty in winning convictions. He also cited work the DA and SFPD are doing to go after the fencing operations that provide the markets for auto burglars.
  3. Irina Chatsova and Furlishous Wyatt provided excellent tips for protecting one’s self, property, and community. Among their many suggestions were “owning the street” when walking by making eye contact with people, securing home doors with quality dead bolt locks using three inch strike plate screws, and forming Neighborhood Watch groups. SF SAFE ( provides free home security assessments and assists in forming Neighborhood Watch groups. More tips can be found here:

Typically, SAFE helps facilitate Neighborhood Watch groups block-by-block. Given the scale of our problem, Irina has agreed to meet with a group of prospective Block Captains at a single meeting to simultaneously kick off the block-by-block organizing effort. If you are interested in becoming a Block Captain, please email me and I will be sure you are included.

Neighbors were vigorous in their questioning, with lots of interest in Prop 47 and its impact on property crime and interest in greater police patrols.

GWPNA and its Crime and Safety Committee (CAPS) attended the meeting and updated the group on its three key initiatives: Make West Portal a less attractive target, partner with SFPD, and get the word out. If you would like to help, please email me directly,

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